Keeler’s OEM manufacturing service supports world renowned ophthalmic instrument brands around the world in the provision of high quality optical instruments, innovative technology and component solutions. Our partners range from general medical instrument manufacturers, high tech ophthalmic solution providers and veterinary diagnostic specialists. With manufacturing facilities in Windsor, UK and Malvern, USA, Keeler has the skills and experience to deliver cutting edge product development and cost effective solutions tailored to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

Global ophthalmic laser manufacturer Norlase, has joined forces with Keeler to launch LION – the first fully integrated laser indirect ophthalmoscope and green laser. This innovative solution to retinal laser treatment, combines the outstanding optics of the Keeler Vantage Indirect Ophthalmoscope and Norlase’s ground breaking miniaturized green laser source technology into one treatment device. With LION’s untethered and portable design, physicians can move freely between the clinic room, operating room or remote hospital – conveniently treating patients anywhere, anytime.



Our focus on industry leading technology and innovation makes Keeler the ideal partner in the development of new and exciting optical electronic devices. Our innovations team is expert in planning, design and manufacturing, and a highly focussed B2B approach with our OEM partners has helped drive our global success in introducing ground breaking instruments into a wide variation of markets and disciplines.

Keeler currently provides a variety of instrument solutions to its global partners such as slit lamps, digital tonometers, laser indirect ophthalmoscope delivery systems plus many more, either on an own branded, co-branded or unbranded basis. Contact Keeler Partner Solutions to find out more about Keeler OEM innovation.

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